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Catalog of Morning Events:

Wake up
Bathroom Ritual
Bus Ride (sitting behind a guy who looks like that creepy undertaker/devil in Tales from the Hood)
Coffee (cute lip-ringed counter girl is always so shy and cute and it makes me just want to plant a giant kiss on her pierced mouth)
Arrive at work
Eat chocolate chip muffin, drink coffee
Check blogs/e-mail/bills/everything else
Small lizard runs across hand
................ .... ... .. .


Look around for lizard
Move entire computer system and desk
Look for lizard
Question sanity
Look for lizard
Calmly accept fate
Have cigarette (up until now quitting was going so well)

Yes, that's right. A small greenish lizard ran across my hand as I was guiding the mouse around on its little pad. Ran right across it. If I were an American Indian would this mean something ominous?

According to this hippie's website: sort of.
"The power of lizard lies in its ability to save itself from danger by leaving a part of itself behind. When lizard appears in a persons life it suggests the need for immediate change in one or more areas of their life. This change represents letting go of outdated ideas, actions, or lifestyles because the old now endangers you in some way.

Since lizard can discard its tail only once it advises you to make decisions wisely for what you decide can follow you around for a very long time. If something isn't working for you it is time to let it go.

I tore this place apart looking for the little bastard, but it is nowhere to be found. I was surprised at how my brain just sort of questioned the event first and then wigged out about it. I had a good 10 seconds of frozen pondering before I jumped straight up and back about 5 feet, knocking over my chair, and bumping the cubicle wall. I guess all the LSD has made my reactions to odd events a little delayed. I mean, you hallucinate enough and you stop freaking everytime a lamppost bends down to give you a kiss on the cheek. I still can't say for sure that the lizard was real. No idea. And that could lead to a whole long questioning reality bit, but with half a gallon of coffee and two pounds of adrenaline roaring in my ears I don't think that such an introspective monologue if very probable for the next 2 years or so.

It should take me at least that long to calm down.


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