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It occurred to me the other day that there are a large portion of people who speak merely because their body needs to make audible noise. Don't assume this means that they talk all the time, because there is a subtle difference. Namely that the people of which I'm speaking don't really say anything. I, for one, have a tendency to talk almost incessantly, but it's because my brain works overtime and I just throw out my ideas without sorting through them, but most of them required brain functioning to derive. No, the people in discussion here say things that make absolutely no sense at all, and are only sentences by a probability based on how their brains have been instructed since forming. I mean that they say whatever pops into their head without thinking about it, and the fact that it is intelligible (and I use that term loosely) to anyone else is merely a coincidence because they have been speaking english their whole lives. For example:

In my Spanish class (mostly younger students) there are several people of this nature, almost all of them actually. One in particular struck me as a prime example last week. He and the other class members were chatting away about various popular bands they had seen, where they bought their khaki shorts, and a million other topics that don't mean anything or require any brain power, when they hit upon the topic of how difficult the class is (it really isn't and I feel sorry for them if they think that is as bad as it is going to get). Everyone in the conversation jumped on this subject fiercely, because they all had this feeling in common, and apparently I would be a terrible revolutionary leader because I missed all the undercurrents of dissatisfaction up until this point. So, blond girl with scary mouth is talking about how the quizzes are hard, and shaved head douchebag says that the teacher should curve. This incites a hearty agreement from all parties. Scrawny pre-distressed hat guy, the most vocal of the group then says, "yeah, wouldn't it be great if we all just made A's?" to which everyone concurred. Excuse me for a moment, won't you?

OF COURSE IT WOULD BE GREAT YOU FUCKING IDIOT! THAT IS THE POINT OF THE FUCKING CLASS! You are there to try hard and make an A, the highest grade offered, and your reward is having attained it...well, that and the knowledge that you have blah blah blah. But really, was there any need to say something like that, something so obvious that it is a foundation of educational principle? And then the others thought it was so great that they all had to agree. Jesus Christ, these people are in a school with a minimum 1250 SAT score. I know the test wasn't hard, and I know that there is a lot of grade padding, but whose dick did some of the parents have to suck to get their mongoloid children into an instituion of higher learning? I shouldn't even be able to understand what these people are saying because their tongues should be thick enough to choke on if they sleep on their backs. The children of incest can't even be this retarded. Fuck.

And the truth of the matter is is that these people represent a fairly accurate depiction of most of our undergraduate student body. I thought that psychology was a bum major, and philosophy too, but journalism is the real failure in the bunch. At least in psych you use higher math, and philosophy is an endeavor composed entirely of thought, but journalism requires nothing at all. I sat outside some of their classes and they learn almost nothing, or completely nothing depending on how closely they listen. And this school has a ton of journalism students. No wonder it is hard to find a job, morons like these have been infiltrating the workforce and leaving a wake of destruction behind them due to ineptitude. They can even become president of the United States.


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