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Prefuse 73 last night was like a volcano of glitchy beat action, unstoppable and burning hot. They obscured the sun with clouds of rhythm. I danced through two shirts and a hoodie, while sweating to the vicious drums. There was a girl there who always makes me think of secrets in shade trees, and she moved with me. She winks without having to close her eyes, and I smile with my eyes shut. The music didn't stop when the show did; just carried on out into the slickdark streets of a town too young for its history. Wandering souls with a purpose were we, following the siren song. Leaving hints on white brick walls and raising flags on sleeping house mailboxes. Because we are young. Because when you think you're invincible you really are. A barn and a beat and a beer later, everyone meets everyone else again, and the fight for forgetting begins. Smoke and lights and mirrors and bodies and sounds, all of it flashing , all of it scared to let go. I let go. She lets go with me. Both of us falling through the misty half dawn, vapor-quick, to the glittering comfort of home and blanket and bed. She shifts over and over again, draping herself over me in thousands of ways while we talk until the sun cracks the shell of day. In the warm, afterglow dark she kisses my neck. The kink of her hair in my hands I kiss her back. She kisses like a shark. I fear my lips will bleed. This is passion, terrible and fierce and uncontrollable. I don't know when we sleep but we do. Both of us light sleepers, shifting each time the other shifts, keeping our forms in tune. I would crush her with my arms if it could fold her up inside of me. A long walk to the city, streets still wet, puddle jumping. She repeats everything she has already told me from last night. I never get tired of listening to her talk. Scared of spiders. Right. Cat is evil. Right. Bike just got fixed. Right. I just want to push my finger through the roof of her mouth and feel where she really lives. This music has never stopped playing. A pack of cigarettes, 5 hours sleep, and 72,000 heartbeats later and I can still hear it. Soft, Slow, Sweet legato life.

Llama party tonight. The last time I went they had taken away the llamas by the time I arrived. There had better be some llamas there or so help me I will threaten someone into pretending to be a llama for me.


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