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Random crap post

I am now officially and orange belt. I have nothing to match with it.

Bought the Verve Remixed 3 CD. It was a tough call between that and the new Autechre. But with a bit of luck I will see Autechre at the end of May. Listening to the CD on the computer at work is always slightly grating because it plays everything too fast and too high pitched, so I know what the CD sounds like, just not what it sounds like.

Purchased ticket for Prefuse 73.

I didn't bring a lunch to work. Either I will swipe some from the breakroom fridge or go hungry. All I've had today is a black bean burrito and some chips and queso. My money is on me stealing something, but actually I don't have any money, because...

My Bank's computer system is down and I can't get any cash out, which rules out any vending/automat purchases that I could have made. And on the day when my neighborhood has its annual yard-sale extravaganza. There were like 30 that I had to pass up on my way to work.

The Athens Human Rights Festival is today, but the only band that I saw on the stage was some sort of hardcore thrash metal band that was screaming about death. I guess it's one of their rights, but I don't know what it really has to do with mine. I would prefer to exercise my right to not have the otherwise peaceful downtown area mobbed by high-school kids and metal bands. There was so much teen angst down there I could hardly breathe, I was worried my voice would start cracking. Oh, and believe me there is no way that a 23 year old can stand on the outskirts of such a crowd and not feel like the 45 year-old moms think he is a pedophile. I was just trying to finish my smoothie and get to work, honestly moms, you can keep your goth daughters.

The festival is somewhat of a counterpoint to the girl at the karate testing today who was gabbing on about how she supported Kerry in the election, and was all for gay rights, but how she hated to see them together, wearing rainbow clothes and holding signs about same sex marriage, kissing etc. To which many of the others in the class verbally agreed. It's true: most people have no idea what they're doing or why they're doing it. But at least they have their rights.

When I leave this building at midnight it will be 36 degrees outside and windy. Hurrah for the long walk home to an empty house. It's not that I'm uncomfortable being alone, it's that I'm uncomfortable being alone and cold.

I feel heavy, weighted down, like too many xanax gravity.

I can't decide if today is bad or good, bad probably...because of the no food thing. And I probably need some sex, as well, just to see if I still even know what I'm doing. Trends change so fast these days I may very well have been left behind. You kids still do it manually right, I mean without virtual reality helmets like in Demolition Man? Those helmets probably wouldn't match my orange belt either.


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