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When I was walking to work today I was being paced by a chipmunk. He would dart up beside me and then stop while I kept walking and then dart up again. Either I smell like roasted peanuts or that little guy is being paid to monitor my actions. I'm hoping it's the peanut smell, but for reasons of my own.

This is really genius, and I am going to send them my deepest secret.

Schedule for the next 8 days:

Today: work from 8-1, Spanish quiz
Tomorrow: Karate belt test (PE final) at 8 a.m., work from 4-12pm
Sunday: work from 4-12pm
Monday: work from 8-1pm, Spanish in class composition
Tuesday: In class essay exam for philosophy of religion
Wednesday: work from 8-1pm, Spanish in class oral exam
Thursday: 15-20 page term paper due for philosophy of religion
Friday: 10-15 page term paper due for philosphy of technology

After that I have nothing left to accomplish in my college career; I will be a graduate with a bachelors of science in psychology. Why are they trying to make my last week here so complicated? Just give me a part on the back and send me on my way. Please?



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