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Alyssa and I went to see the Flaming Lips documentary last night, aka The Fearless Freaks. It was a great documentary if you love the Flaming Lips, and a good one even if you don't. We were that annoying couple that cuddle at the table right in front of you, so entangled in each other that they form a giant lumpy mass of person that blocks your view of the screen. At least we weren't making out or anything. How would you like to only be able to hear the sloppy sounds of heavy kissing while trying to get your Lips fix? We have more respect for the general public than that. Not by much though.

She gave me some tea to drink, but I don't trust anything outside of my body to make me get better, even if my body is who got me into this in the first place. I am going to be sick for a while.

The world of computers is becoming a little more wearying this week. I wish I could just have a month off. A solid month of absolutely nothing to do. I would tear my hair out from the boredom and love every second of it. Here's to hoping that I get fired.


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