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Haircut and Tattoo yesterday. Pictures soon.

I have to say that as little as pain bothers me I still know what hurts and what doesn't. Getting a tattoo on your ribs hurts. At one point it felt like my entire ribcage was vibrating with a dull burning pressure. It was still fun though. And Billie, my tattoo gal, said, "This kid sits like a rock." To me that is a high compliment. I got a lot of positive feedback on it later on in the night. It's been called both "beautiful" and "hot" so I am pleased with it and pleased with everyone else being pleased with it on top of that.

Michael Stipe looks a lot older in person. I would really rather see him reading a book or something instead of being fawned over by hipster girls at the cool kid's bar. Oh well. I don't control life, nor do I have any right to judge it. Each action is as much a part as any other.

I'm reading The Neverending Story today for the second time in my life, and it's about 3000 times better now than it was when I was little. I have been rereading a lot of the books from my childhood lately (Phantom tollbooth, Wayside School series, Maniac Magee) and I've started to form a theory about books, though probably not an original one. Every time you read a book it's a different story, even if you have read it over and over again (like me with Phantom Tollbooth). The reason: You are different. Not only does the book change you, it will if it's any good anyway, but once you have changed the story becomes something else entirely. The author has written the words but you create the story. And if the you creating the story has changed, as we all must from moment to moment, then the story will have changed as well. So you can never read the same story twice. This is why books seem so magical to me. The point is not that they can take you anywhere through imagination, which they can, but rather that they can take you anywhere through your imagination. I suppose this might be true about movies to a much lesser extent because a great deal of the active creative process (visualization and emotive indices) have already been taken care of by the director and crew. With books it is in its pure form. Bastian asks in one part of The Neverending Story, "What happens in a book when it is closed?" The answer: You can never close a book once it has opened your mind. Hi, my name is Dogboy and I love books. They are a race of themselves, friends and enemies, lovers and warriors. I love books, and they love me in return.

I have to go now because my side is on fire and needs more A&D ointment.


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