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Last night we had una celebracion de Cinqo de Mayo. This just means that we went to a Peruvian restaurant near my house and drank a lot of beer. Megaman kept yelling about Cinqo de Marzo over and over. Rob poured water on his pants several times because they are made of something that water can't stick to. He tried to impress the waitress with his fluency in Spanish. What he didn't stop to think about is that why would she be impressed with someone who can speak a language that pretty much everyone speaks where she comes from. I'm not impressed when people speak English to me. Americans just can't escape that fallacy. Eventually he poured water on his pants to impress her and she hilarously blew it off in a cute little venezuelan woman way. Then Paul's girlfriend pissed her off by calling her Colombian. Jeremy got called Bryan all night for absolutely no reason other than we wanted to call him Bryan. Rob's date told us how she was half American Indian and then we all yelled various witicisms based on popular stereotypes at her while she laughed so hard that she was constantly spitting beer all over herself. We all talked very loudly about how lame sombreros were because a guy sitting behind us wearing one had given us a scathing look when we came in. The toilet in that place was the deepest that I have ever seen. Rob ordered Horchata and I think I drank most of it because no one seemed to be touching it. It was like a little taste of heaven. Some went downtown for the salsa dancing (rob is teaching himself flamenco) but I went home because my brain was tired from writing the philosophy paper that ended up being 3 pages too short and not worth a damn anyway.

I will have finished college in t-minus 11 hours and counting.

Is tomorrow going to look any different because of it, or will it be one of those things that will take a while to really sink in? I want to wake up with the song "I'm walking on sunshine" playing, I really hate that song, but it seems like it would be necessary to really convey the idea of my being happy about graduating.


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