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There's a weird feeling I have in my stomach today. It's that sort of cold pressure that makes me feel like something is about to go topsy-turvy-helter-skelter-willy-nilly all over the place. It's just such an odd sort of feeling. Usually when I have it I am so preoccupied on why that I never really get to examine the feeling itself. Isn't that just the way with feelings though? My tattoo itches, but I am more concerned with making the itching stop (lotion lotion lotion) than with what the itch actually feels like. I have very little idea why this is an interesting thought to me.

I never got aroudn to reading Godel, Escher, Bach yesterday. Instead I got stoned and took a thousand pictures of my front yard with a slow shutter so that I could make weird patterns. I am a little disappointed in myself, but it was fun and so that's alright. Plus I got some terrific pictures. I also took apart a baby toy to mess with it's circuitry and aqlter the sounds it makes, but then I couldn't find the soldering iron so that plan fizzled.

Fizzle is a spectacular word.

More bike riding today.

Autechre on Friday at Variety Playhouse. If you're not going then you are missing the voice of God. Poppy tea for ambience. I can feel the joy already.

Beach next week if everything falls into place.

Jeremy's girlfriend is the hype shit and he knows it. That is a cute couple.

I'd really like to talk to my best-friend today. What with fixing up their new house he hardly ever has any time. With luck I'll get a little chat. I really miss him.


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