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This happened while we were walking home last night (we= Me+Alyssa).

*walking along*
*Brad stops...listens....thinks he hears a tree frog somewhere in the vicinity of the apartment complex on his left*
*Alyssa stops*
Brad: Do you hear that?
Alyssa: What is it?
Brad: Tree frog?
*sound increases in volume and slightly in pitch*
*Brad's facial expression changes from standard to mirth in .3 seconds*
*Alyssa gives him a quizzical look of disbelief*
*sound has been revealed to be a woman moaning/panting*
Brad: Wow. That makes my night.
Alyssa: That is pretty great.
Brad: It's like overhearing a nice secret that was never meant for you.

The only problem was later when I started to worry if that same thing was happening only now we were on the other side of that situation. It's too hot to not have a window open at night. Could people hear us from the street? Were they silently judging? At that point I got...er...distracted and realized that I didn't really care either way. I hope we made someone's night as well.

This morning when we were walking downtown so I could go to work we had to pass the same building only we were on the other side of the street. I paused and listened. Sure enough. We dashed across the street, but might have made too much noise doing so because it had stopped by the time we got over there. Way to go, mystery lady. If I had some Mentos on me I would have given you a giant thumbs up as soon as you noticed us listening. We both agreed that it was hot though. Aint gonna deny the sexiness...and slight perviness of that situation. Lucky for me I'm comfortable with my kinks.


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