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In lieu of becoming a mover for a company that I once thought would promote me to full time IT professional I am instead going to be mostly unemployed. I know; startling turn of events isn't it. This way I can look for actual jobs instead of getting dropped like a bad habit come July. And due to my not having a job I am going to apply for food stamps as soon as possible. I haven't been to the grocery store in almost a year.

I've applied for some jobs in the Bay Area because that is where she is going, and what the hell is keeping me locked down here? There is a sweet library job on campus, but I can't tell if I've applied for it or not because the Human Resources system only displays the first 10 jobs that I applied for. But does that mean that I can only apply for ten at a time, or that I just won't know what happened with those jobs until it's too late. Either one of those options is crap. Let me remove some, Human Resources. I will gladly decline my position in the running for Boiler Operator to have a stab at Library Associate. It looks like I have a lot of footwork to be doing come Monday. Lucky for me I have deep connections in the library, powerful connections, maybe not equivalent to a library Illuminati, but not far off either. If I can't get a job there then I just need to start felating my way to the top. A boy's gotta do...

As for Thursday night: the party at the moontower was brilliant, and happily crossed the line into "parties that make me feel at home in Athens." I'm sure all who attended can agree. My body is tired, my brain is tired, but there is still beer left and so we shall drink it. And there will be merriment. And when at last the binge has expired I will reap it. Reap and rue. I told you I cure all stress/emotional situations with a binge. It works like gangbusters.


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