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When you're putting Al Green songs on a CD for someone there should be no question in your mind: you are in love. We all love Al, or at least anyone who still has ears and the ability to use them loves Al. But when you're in love the songs take on a whole new plane of existence. You want to share them with your lover, listen to them together, harmonize with the wisdom that good brother Al is throwing at you. Al Green is lover's heroin. He's about the most perfect companion to love that you're ever going to get because when listening to him you can only think of the good times, past, present, and future. It's hopeful, and soulful, and beautiful, and passionate in a calm, quiet way. When you love someone you want to share the things that you love with them, and find that, hey, they love them too. Al Green is the perfect tool for this job. I put an Al Green song on a CD for her yesterday. Sha-la-la-la.

I find it odd and amazing that every few moments I am reminded again that I am in love. It's like little lightning bolts bouncing off my skin. And then I want to call her and tell her or open my ribs and and squeeze her inside of me.

p.s. we are deep in the heart of athfest. all bets are off.


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