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He moved 500 pounds of furniture so that one piece could be closer to the 20 pounds of lamps that he could've moved instead. Not to mention that I had just rearranged the livingroom in a way that was both functional and attractive; while the previous incarnation of arrangement that he had made sitting, moving, and even breathing awkward if you weren't him sitting at his computer desk.

When he moved all the furniture he mopped the floor because we are cleaning the house. Like yesterday when I cleaned the entire bathroom (more terrible than I care to describe) including the floors with nothing but a sponge. The floors are now mopped. That's all he did. Except for the part where he took everything of mine out of the livingroom and piled it in front of my door. He didn't move anything of his out of the livingroom. At all. In fact there is so much crap on the various couches and chairs that there is still no place to sit in there unless you are him at his computer desk.

I may in fact be insane, but this seems to me like either a not so subtle "fuck you" from him to me, or proof positive that my roommate is a)mentally retarded or b) the only person that autistic who can still talk. If I smash his head into the sidewalk maybe he will get the point.

I'm not overreacting here, am I?


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