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I mostly do this for myself.

I mostly do this by myself.

If anyone else reads it, it's purely serendipitous.

Just so you know.

Every reader loves to learn that they're superfluous.

The author is going to write whether you're there or not.

So read if you want, jack, but the show will go on without you.

What surprises me most is that more people in Athens don't read this.

But, in truth, most of them don't like me.

I'm not in their crowd and I dress better.

I am an object of envy and contempt.

Eat my lonely words, bitter contemporaries.

p.s. I note that Bunny, one of my best friends of all time, gets 30 comments just by putting a picture of herself with a shotgun up. Well, I will not pander to your depreaved sensibilities, internet. I will not post a picture of me in Hane's Fashion Briefs and a silver fedora just so you can get your jollies. So consider yourselves spurned, horny masses. You'll get only mental debauchery here, and if you're lucky a picture of my big toe painted red.


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