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If I could just capture the essence of all those days combined, it would be enough magic to carry me through the rest of my life without having to forget what Joy tastes like. I want to bottle up the day when my best-friend and I stood in the street outside his first real house staring up at the sky. The clouds were so marvelous that I couldn't breathe and I thought that I was going to die. The words Beauty and Joy were made of light just behind my eyes and they burned so brightly that I could barely make them out. They melted together to spell Boy. That's what we were, just boys, young and daring and brilliant and invincible. I told him and he didn't have to say anything back. He always understands exactly what I mean.

I would distill the days down. All of the times we sat at the park in the back of my van, giant jug of orange juice between us, three foolish sages pointing their sails to the horizon and never looking back. We never squandered the bravery that our inexperience allowed us. We sang songs to each other in Waffle House as they played on the jukebox, and we narrowly avoided a fight when Kris sang Genie In A Bottle to that fat trucker. We went insane and put each other back together again. We dug into the meat of the world with out bare hands and held it up as a sacrifice to our youth. We smoked too much, and drank till there was nothing to do but laugh. We were wild in a place where others thought they knew wild. None of them went half as far as we did. Hell, we went Furthur.

Walking to the grocery store when it was too hot to think straight. Eating oranges in the grass outside in a town where no one ever sits outside. Working hard and cracking jokes to avoid the tedium. Taking no shit. I don't think I can remember a single day that I regret when the three of us were together. And so much emotion builds up inside of me when I imagine your faces. The family I chose. Changed now, but still the same spirit. Shit, man. I don't have to say it. You would know what I was thinking anyway, in the sunrise of my mind where the three of us will always live the way we want, and adventure is always calling.


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