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Yesterday = worst day ever.

Today = much better.

But that's like saying that a snake bite is much better than a plane crash.

Bonus: I have a burrito left over from lunch and two more episodes of Scrubs to watch. Muy bien.

I don't think that this delivery job is for me. They're way too impractical and inefficient.

My birthday is on Thursday. Here is a short list of things that I would like to receive:

1. My rent for September paid
2. A nice meal (already taken care of)
3. Sex (including all oral and carpal divergencies [also already taken care of])
4. A tattoo
5. A visit from my best-friend
6. Drugs (most likely taken care of)
7. Megaman buys me a beer
8. Miles Davis LP's and 45's (and shit...albums from anyone else who played with him)
10. A tank of gas

Number 10 was really just to pad the list out because if you're going to have nine, you might as well have ten.

Tonight's post-script: Why the hell didn't anyone tell me that Reed College is awesome? People just keep not telling me about awesome things. I'm gonna start cracking skulls if folks don't update my knowledge on awesomeness.


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