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Good response to the last post. And since you liked it so much, let's do some more. I'm gonna get my damn Ph.D. in philosophy so I might as well put my work to some sort of use.

We'll do sort of a call and response thing here. I'm going to post the basic framework of the metaphysics that I'm creating and then you can ask questions or point out flaws in the comments. It's pretty lengthy so I may cut it into sections. That being the case just cover what is in the post in the comments. That way we don't have to tangent off into space or start on something I will cover in another post. Ok? Ok. Here we go.

Basically what I've started out with is Idealism. This means that there is no physical matter, only non-physical. In the original forms idealism said that these non-physical forms only existed in the mind, or in some cases the mind of God, depending on who you've read. My system stipulates that there is no physical matter, only ideas, which are non-physical, but the mind itself is also and idea and so the other ideas cannot exist within it. Let's get a little further and I will explain more. So, we have nothing but ideas. The catch is that the ideas are active. They are constantly connecting with other ideas. Existence itself is the process of the ideas connecting. By connecting I mean here that the ideas, the non-physical matter of existence are experiencing each other. Every time you do anything you are experiencing multiple ideas, creating connections with them, creating, as it were, your own existence. Of course this applies to all ideas, and not just those that we associate with. Our minds themselves are just the groups of ideas that have experienced each other in connection with the idea that is our consciousness. You see?

Now, in the original forms of idealism the problem was that if everything is ideas then why the existence of the ideas of physicality. Why not just be a mind floating through ideas? I've worked that a little. Physicality in my system is an aide. The idea of physicality, which some ideas are connected to and some are not (intangibles), aides in the ideas experiencing each other. Physicality makes it easier for our minds and to create connections with other ideas. The idea of physicality creates an order to the experience, a sequence if you will, but without the planned progress of determinism. But where do these ideas all exist? This being a metaphysical system there has to be some mention of God or a lack thereof. And there is.

God in this system is the idea of existence. If God is the idea of existence then all the ideas that exist must be a part of God, connected to God, whether we know about these ideas or not. This means that everything that we could ever experience, think of, create etc. are just as eternal as God, because they are God. They exist already, we just haven't connected with them through experience. Free will still gets to make an appearance in that we connect to the ideas, eventhough they already exist without us, in whatever way we want; we follow our own pattern. God, being the idea of existence, and existence occurring through the experiencing of ideas, must be experiencing all ideas at all times eternally. (Although eternally must be used carefully as God has to exist outside of Time and Space). So the universe is now a multitude of ideas (infinite in fact, since God is infinite) that are constantly being experienced both by each other and by God as a whole. Existence is the active process of ideas being experienced. Fun, no?

Now let me here what you think. Try not to stray too far, but don't worry about it much. The more interesting things get the better I can make this system. It's not finished and it's not perfect. Enjoi.


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