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* Students who have been affected by the closing of their colleges in Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama due to Hurricane Katrina may seek enrollment at UGA for fall term. We are attempting to accommodate first those who have previously applied to UGA. Inquiries from others are also being considered on a case-by-case basis. The limited window of time and overwhelming response limits us to working mostly with students who have applications on file. Due to space limitations and the fact that UGA classes are already into the third week of the fall term, we will not be able to consider anyone who has not contacted the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by noon on Tuesday, Sept. 7. Those interested in being considered should immediately call 706/583-0570 or send an e-mail to kadmit@uga.edu to discuss your situation.

They are also clearing out most of the Ramsey Center to make room for evacuees. I'm impressed. I'm still not a football fan, but the University itself has just been raised higher in my esteem.

Oh, and if you want to volunteer your house for evacuees that are coming here then you can e-mail madeline van dyck at madelinevandyck@gmail.com. There is also a meeting for those that want to volunteer on Tuesday the 6th at 4pm in the Tate Center. I'm sure any help you would like to offer would be much appreciated.


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