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A thought occurred to me a few minutes ago, but I was outside, now I'm inside so here it is: Why is that so many people readily accept and embrace the idea that they are physically a combination of the traits of their parents, but everyone assumes that their soul (if they believe in one, anyway) is entirely original? Couldn't it be that your soul is a combination of pieces of both your parent's souls? Or even more accurately: since you genetic make-up is a set of combinations passed through the generations of your family then your soul is also a set of combinations passed thusly. Your soul could be the product of all the progenitors in your immediate lineage back through time. And so on through history, making your soul a natural product of evolution. A non-physical evolution. Remember also that a non-physical "object" wouldn't necessarily be limited by the spacial relations that apply to physical "objects". The soul could split, branch, break etc. and never lessen in scope. Space is a physical limitation and this is a non-physical object. Setting aside the Mind/Body problem for a minute (though I have my own ways for getting to the end of that as well), this would mean that your soul would be the product of combination and selection throughout history. This leads to so many other questions and necessary clarifications such as: do animals have souls? If so then are our souls evolved from theirs? What happens to the soul when it dies? If you have no progeny does your soul-lineage stop there? How can one denote the end of a non-physical object? If space and time are interrelated for physical objects wouldn't they be for non-physical as well? And thus would time not apply to non-physical objects? I could go on forever, and I probably will in my head, but for right now I just wanted to raise the basic questions; plant the seeds of dissent as it were. Hopefully you are thinking about these questions already. If you figure anything out, let me see the logical arguments. Enjoy your homework.


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