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blogging on work time.

I have come to the conclusion that we have reached the point in the year where I must once again ingest the Lysergic Acid Diethylamide and find out just what exactly is making me tick these days. Just one day a year, more if I"m lucky, given over the exploration of my innermost thoughts and illusions and fears etc. Tracking it down, that's going to be the hard part. Enlightenment is in small demand these days, and so the gateways are closing rapidly. But dammit some of us are still exploring, some of us are still learning, and just because the majority of the world has stopped trying to evolve doesn't mean that we should have to suffer for it. However, part of the quest is the process, the seeking out, and I have come far enough to realize this. So my quest has begun. With these words I am embarking on my annual mission. What lays on the other side could be disappointment, could be profound realization, but is definitely a lesson and an experience. Knowledge is for its own sake.

Also, if anyone in the area knows of a great place to live, contact me. I am trying to move out by December. I'm going to make some calls today, but not every rental has a sign out front, and some of the best ones are the secret ones. Keep me posted.


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