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I accidently drank some hippie relaxation drops in some water over at the girl's house last night and then conked the fuck out when I got home. I didn't wake up once during the night, and all my dreams were filled with doors, hundreds of doors, no matter what the dream was about. What the fuck are you playing at hippies? I ever catch you slipping me something like that again and I'll kill every member of phish and widespread panic, then cripple all the guys from STS9, because they're young and they don't know better than to make that stupid music.

What sucks more is that I was going to make myself have dreams about flying with puppies. Seriously. But I was sleeping too hard to do any of that.

It would have been awesome. Me and Sancho the wonder puppy flying all over the world, seeing thai hookers, dancing on the top of Mt. Everest, eating whatever it is that they eat in Portugal. I really want a puppy. And some giant bat wings made of fire. Then I can just sit back and enjoy life because I will have everything.


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