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I think I'm gonna get rid of my brain. It's the only thing standing between me and happiness eternal. When something bad happens it's my brain that tells me it's bad. When I am happy it's my brain that foils it. All the things in the world that I know about that are terrible, or painful, or cruel or all of the above are held in, and understood by my brain. I write better, draw better, and feel better when my brain is not involved. The only thing it has done so far is make me overly logical and unemotional, and more than a little crazy. I love it for showing me knew dimensions in the world and unlocking the mysteries of creation and everything, but I'm starting to question the necessity of that sort of thing. Babies barely use their brains and they are happy almost all the time. I think if I can keep the knowing how to wipe my own ass and feed myself etc. I could be perfectly delighted all the time. It would be like nitrous oxide 24 hours a day. I could so get down on that action. So, notice to my brain: your days are numbered.

Tomorrow's episode: My feeling that I have never been passionate about anything in my life, and the fear I derive from it.


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