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I was thinking about a variety of things yesterday and one of them was thinking. Wait...better: I was thinking about thinking yesterday. Best: I am adorably college student-like in that way that my parents think is naive and so I was thinking about the nature of thought in our society yesterday, which most people are too busy "feeding their families" to do (and from observational data whenever someone uses the term "feeding my family" in that special condescending way that trys to imply that they work much harder than you and suffer through it because they love something that you couldn't ever hope to understand, you should just know that they mean "watching TV while my kids huff airplane glue and antifreeze in their rooms.") How is that for a fucking run-on sentence English language? You fuckin like the way I made you feel just then? But anyway, thinking, this is about thinking and what it means to not think. What it is to be stupid.

Let's start with an operational definition of Stupid for the viewers at home, because relativism and generality and overuse have turned words like Stupid into catch-alls for a lot of other slang and daily tripe of society.

Stupid here means: Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes in relation to something outside of yourself. And not the other sort which describes those with a slower mental acuity. I don't care how long it takes anyone to learn something as long as they are trying to learn it and hopefully they eventually do learn it. And I know that even the definition that I'm using is both specific and general in a way that could cause trouble, and that's fine. A little trouble now and then can keep you sharp. I'm rambling, let's get to the point.

So, in all the documents and treatises etc. that define our culture and other cultures and societies there are a plethora of freedoms and privileges granted, some inalienable and some alienated almost daily, but nowhere in any of those documents does it say: You have the right to be stupid. Guess why. Because you fucking don't. No one, be they single person of governmental body or otherwise has the right to make poor or careless mistakes in relation to something outside of themselves. No one. It seems like somewhere along the way though a lot of the freedoms got twisted to indirectly include the right to stupidity. That, however, is not the same. Just because everyone thinks that rights and freedoms imply other freedoms collaterally simply because they don't state otherwise does not make it true. We don't have the right to do whatever we want whenever we want. That's anarchy, and no matter how much people in studded leather jackets carve that damn letter A into anything and everything they see there are still no anarchical societies. We do not have the right to make poor or careless decisions that are going to hurt others (people, animals, trees, rocks etc.) Thing is I tacked on the "outside of yourself" as a fun little mind-breaker, because in a Society the number of things that effect you and no one else are almost non-existent. I'm pretty sure that you can do drugs under this definition as long as no one ever knows about it, and it doesn't adversely affect your relationships with others, but good luck making that work out.

What I'm trying to point out here is that none of us have the right to not think about the consequences of our actions, none of us have the right to act in a way that will harm anything without clear and precise thought considering all the repercussions. Due consideration should be given to all actions in regards to their effects on everything else. Stop letting your kids think that intelligence is a swear word, because that does actually hurt them. Stop hating other people out loud or acting in hate. You can hate them, but your reasons had better be flawless, and you keep it to your damn self. Opinion is not fact, and don't try to make it so. God is not proof enough to hurt someone or something unless He himself comes down and gives the go ahead. Just actually think about everything that is going on around you and how you are affecting it. You do not have the right to be Stupid. None of us do. I'm not demanding, I'm stating my argument. And I'm not trying to hurt anyone at all, because believe me much thought has gone into this. And no one in the world has to read this or believe it, because making you do so is not a right that I have, and it's not a right that I want. Think for yourself. Think about everything. You are free to do so.


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