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I've only done one thing on my "top ten things to do with my life" list, but they say that if you can manage to do three by the time you die you have been leading a pretty good life. Some of them I am just not ready for, like #4: "Have a family of my own, and don't screw it up too badly". And some I just haven't really had the opportunity to accomplish yet like #'s 5&7: "Live in Fiji & Bhutan" and "See the Northern Lights" (respectively). The point is that these are things that are difficult for me to accomplish. They might not seem so, but believe me they are.

I need to start saving money or start holding rich people's kids hostage, I haven't decided which yet. Also, I need some good sweaters so I can spice up my image a bit, get more dressy casual, because I have noticed that most of my clothing is leaning toward the hobo chic look. Shopping at Habitat for Humanity is probably part of the problem. I've been poor for too long and now that I have money I don't know what to do with it. I'm gonna have to start checking The Gap and buying second-hand designer fashion on e-bay. It's time to get classy, and get classy hard. Feel my class, motherfuckers! (Narrowing eyes) Feeeeeel it.

A side note: I have finished my terrarium and it is amazing. Pictures to follow. Eventhough none of you care about my dorky hobby. My frogs appreciate it though, and that's all that matters. I'm lying. You guys hurt me bad. I'm gonna go put cigarettes out on my arms. Or maybe just read a book, I don't know.

God Bless. And Ganesha save you.


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