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Seriously, is this guy real? How can one person be so completely creepy, and annoying, and ridiculous? I have to imagine that compared to mine, other people's eccentric and annoying roommates don't even know where to fucking begin. No, you can't retroactively pay for less of this month's power bill because you were on vacation for a week. No, you had better not ever threaten me again just because I used your computer to watch a movie. No, according to the law of resistance your computer does not use less power because it's been cold in your room. No, I don't want to get rid of all my furniture just because you got a futon without checking with me first. The level that this has gotten to is absurd. I just want to live in my house in peace and quiet, not dread coming home everyday because the other person living there is insane. Fuck. My stomach hurts from this stress. I have to try not to throw up until I can make sure I throw up on him. Anyone want to sublet? Please?


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